Tulare City School District Office

Student Records and Debt

Our high standards of quality and integrity help our offices run smoothly so that when you have a need, we can help you with it. Whether you need to clear up some debt or request student records, please contact our office and let us help you.

Student Records

Tulare City School District maintains the records of former students. The records may be on microfilm, in hard copy, or in an electronic format depending on the year of attendance.

As students move through the district, their records move with them. The elementary school records of a student promoted to middle school will follow that student to the middle school. The records of a student who has attended elementary school, middle school, and moved on to a high school district will be at the last district attended.

When a student is no longer attending Tulare City School District, we transfer student records to the district office. Student records remain at the district office pending a request from a subsequent district.


Mary Briseno, Secretary/Student Records

(559) 685-7200

Student Debt

The Tulare City School District accepts cash, personal checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders at all school sites to make purchases  PE clothes, yearbooks, and various other school-related items. Please make all payments through the school office.

Outstanding Debt
Students must pay all outstanding debts remaining after spring break by cash, cashier’s check, or money order. We will not accept personal checks after this time. Contact your school site with any questions regarding a student's debt.

Returned Checks
It is the practice of the Tulare City School District to accept only cash payments to redeem insufficient funds checks. This cash payment will consist of the amount of the check written plus any bank charges incurred as a result of the returned check. This total amount is due immediately upon notification by district personnel of a returned check for non-payment. If we do not receive the cash payment within 10 days of notification, we may turn the matter over to a collection agency. If at any time an individual writes a second insufficient fund check during the same school year, we will place that person on a cash-only basis for the remainder of the school year for any payment made to the district.

Please contact us with any questions regarding a returned check.


Bethany Rebelo, Payroll Technician (Certificated)
(559) 685-7462

Request for Student Records

If you need to request a transcript or other information from your student records, please print and complete the form below. You must provide verification of identity (such as driver's license, identification card, etc.) with any request. We also require a written explanation for the requests of records received via fax or email.

Mail the completed form to:

Tulare City School District
Attn: Student Records
600 N Cherry
Tulare, CA 93274

Email the completed form and a copy of Identification to: 


Or, fax the form to:
(559) 685-7203