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Transportation Department

It is the goal of the Tulare City School District to provide safe and professional transportation for your children. Documented to be one of the safest forms of transportation is traveling to school by bus. Our dedicated mechanics work hard to keep all our buses in great condition. In fact, the district scores consistently high on the California Highway Patrol safety inspections. Our bus drivers focus on making positive, appropriate connections with students. Please take a minute to review our bus rules and seat belt law requirements located in the sidebar of this page, and discuss their importance with your child. We have also included more important information in the sidebar of this page regarding foggy day information and transportation safety guidelines. We appreciate your support! 
Guidelines for Riding District Buses

Bus service is provided to students:

  • Who face hazardous walking conditions
  • In special education programs not offered at the neighborhood school
  • Whose families find themselves homeless


*Parents of students on an Intradistrict Agreement must provide their own transportation to and from school.

Transportation Staff
Please meet the amazing staff members who help to provide safe transportation for your child every single school day.
Luis A. Espinoza 
Supervisor - Transportation
(559) 685-7224
Michael King 
Manager - Transportation
(559) 685-7393
Yeimi Rios-Flores 
(559) 685-7393
Meet our professional bus drivers.
Steve Boswell Hector Mendoza
Richard Byrd Phillip Mendoza
Chris Calistro Michelle Miller 
Christine Calistro Lorenzo Montecino
Luis Carrillo, Jr. Art Morales
Manuel Carrillo Geraldine Olsen
Darrell Curtis Chris Oretga
David Delgado Carlos Rosales
Timothy Escobar Ismael Rosales
Armando Garcia Zachary Soliz
Daniel Garcia William Thraser
Ricardo Hernandez John Valadao
Brian Howard  
Mechanic Head Mechanic
Rene Valladares Tony Vera