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Superintendent's Office

The superintendent’s office is available to answer questions about board meetings and board policies, as well as assisting with public records requests, inquires about our website, social media presence, the Blackboard message system, and other concerns or questions from parents or the community. 

The district superintendent must approve all requests for distribution of flyers to our schools prior to delivery to schools. Please see the guidelines about student activity resource flyers by visiting Our Community page. 

Superintendent's Message

"Raising Up a Community of Caring, Creative, and Confident Children"

Welcome to Tulare City School District where the “common expectation” is to raise up caring, creative, and confident children. 

Our district serves over 10,000 preschool through 8th grade students enrolled at 15 individual school sites. The TCSD board of trustees, administrators, teachers, and support staff believe it is our responsibility and our privilege to serve our community’s children and their parents. The following three district priorities reflect this belief:

♥    Safe, secure, and healthy learning and work environment for all.
♥    Teaching is relevant, purposeful, and yields the deepest levels of learning for all.
♥    Connecting to the local and global communities.

Tulare City School District is fortunate to have parents and community members that are eager to partner with our schools and support our efforts to implement these priorities and support the “common expectation.”

As a Character Counts! district TCSD encourages and supports our students to make a positive contribution to their local and global communities. We also understand that it will require all stakeholders to work together in order to “raise up caring, creative, and confident children.”



Clare Gist, Ed.D. 

Superintendent's Office Staff

Cheri Crook
Executive Administrative Assistant/Office Manager
(559) 685-7212
Michelle Junio
Administrative Assistant
(559) 685-7208