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Business Department

TCSD Business Services is dedicated to supporting the common expectation of raising up a community of caring, creative, and confident children. To do this we must accurately provide the schools, students, community, administration, and the Board of Education with the budget, financial planning, and related services in a manner that maximizes, distributes, and safeguards the resources available to carry out the educational and support activities of the district.

The Business Department follows the definitions, instructions, and procedures of the California Department of Education's California School Accounting Manual (CSAM).

Business Department Staff

Our department staff is happy to help you with all of your business needs regarding payroll; accounts payable; maintenance, construction, and facilities; and student records requests. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Joyce Nunes
Assistant Superintendent (Business) 
(559) 685-7206
(559) 685-7248 Fax
Jane Bettencourt
Coordinator (Business)
Mary Briseno
Secretary/Student Records
(559) 685-7200
Sandra Cory
Administrative Assistant 
(559) 685-7206
Audra Cushing
Account Technician
(559) 685-7223
Andrea Sanderson
District Secretary
(559) 685-7220
Jocelynn Perry
Accounts Payable Technician (M-Z)
(559) 685-7228
Bethany Rebelo
Payroll Technician (Certificated)
(559) 685-7462
Valerie Villapudua
Accounts Payable Technician (A-L)
Christy Taylor
Payroll Technician (Classified)
(559) 685-7462