Tulare City School District Office

English Learner Bilingual and Migrant Services

We strongly support bilingual and migrant students at Tulare City School District. We invite you to actively participate with us; immerse yourselves in the opportunities we provide, and you will find great success.

Bilingual Education

We at Tulare City School District are enthusiastically involved in ensuring that our students have the support and resources they need to be successful English language learners. Our dynamic committees work with students and parents to help ensure that all are actively engaged in the process.

One of the best ways to learn English is to join us in our school activities and clubs and just get involved.

Migrant Education Services

Our primary goal is to ensure that we provide migrant students the best means to increase academic achievement through high-quality, supplemental instruction.

Our additional (support) services and activities promote learning and help to ensure that our students are healthy enough to attend school, are engaged in school, and have the home support they need to be academically successful.

Bilingual & Migrant Services
Leah Sanchez
(559) 685-7334
Tricia Flores
ELD Curriculum Specialist
[email protected]
(559) 685-7334
Michelle Lopez
District Secretary
[email protected]
(559) 685-7334
Maria Gutierrez
Bilingual Secretary
[email protected]
(559) 685-7334
Migrant Education Meetings
We hold our meetings at the TCSD Staff Development Center located at 505 W. Maple Street.