Tulare City District Office Building

Alternative Education

We understand that some students find it difficult to learn in a traditional school setting.  We believe that, given the right support and opportunity, each student is capable of academic success. Below are programs we offer to assist students to be successful both in and out of school.

Support School

The Support School serves kindergarten through eighth-grade students who need a smaller educational setting with behavioral or social support. The goal of Support School is to build a community atmosphere that is highly academic in nature and that places an emphasis on character development for students. Support Schools follows the District "Character Counts" model and integrates the six pillars of character (respect, citizenship, caring, responsibility, fairness, and trustworthiness) into the daily structure. In addition to emphasizing academic progress, we have designed our program to instill a sense of self-worth and accomplishment in our students and to help them develop positive behaviors both in and out of school. 

Independent Study

We encourage independent study for students who will miss school for five or more days in any period during the year. Independent study requires a signed contract among the school, the student, and parent(s). In order for the work to be assigned on time, please contact the school at least one week prior to the absence. Students must complete all of the assigned work and turn it into the office upon their return to school for grading and accounting purposes.

Alternative Education Team

Greg Anderson

Site Director / Principal

(559) 685-7350

Philip Pierschbacher 
Asst. Superintendent, Personnel
(559) 685-7227 

Ira Porchia
Director, Child Welfare & Safety

(559) 685-7200 

Michelle Zavaleta
Director, Psychological Services

(559) 685-7200 

Debbie Terry

Supervisor, Child Welfare & Attendance
(559) 685-7200

Luis Jaramillo
Supervisor, Safety & Security

(559) 685-7200

Susana Contreras
Social Worker
(559) 556-4850

Laurel Dominguez
Teacher, Support School
(559) 685-7350

Jordyn Gendreau
Teacher, Support School
(559) 685-7350 

Vicki Stewart
Teacher, Independent Study
(559) 467-4631