Tulare City School District Office

Student Technology

One of our fundamental goals in the Tulare City School District is to create a classroom environment utilizing technology that motivates and engages students in order to maximize learning.

Google Apps for Education

Tulare City School District is proud to be a Google Apps for Education district. Students and teachers in grades K-8 each have a Google account that can be used to access web-based programs that include word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and more. You can access documents on any device (computer, tablet, and smartphone) that has Internet access.

About Clever

Students can log into Clever with their Google accounts to access programs such as Lexia, Accelerated Reader, and Dreambox.  Other accessible programs, such as Typing Agent, Typing.com, and others, will vary by student.  


Clever Login


Learn to Code

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Other Resources

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