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Technology Support

Because technology is ever-changing, every learning environment requires the appropriate technology and qualified instructors to maximize learning opportunities. At TCSD, we believe that the effective use of technology is essential to delivering the educational content required by the community we serve, and through its appropriate use, we can enrich our students’ experiences.

Educational Data Systems

The Educational Data Systems (EDS) department oversees the operation of the student information system and associated information subsystems. The EDS department implements ongoing best practices to assure that accurate and current data is available for local use as well as state and federal reporting. It coordinates efforts to improve the functionality of the information system and builds capacity to meet the ongoing needs of the district.

Technology Mission

The mission of Tulare City School District's Use of Technology is:

  • To further students’ ability to use technology to:
    • increase productivity
    • work collaboratively
    • use information wisely and responsibly
    • communicate globally
  • To establish Internet Safety/Acceptable Use policies
  • To seek out innovative technology that enhances the individual potential of students and promotes the effectiveness of staff
  • To effect decisions regarding policy, budget, and curriculum for the use of technology in all learning environments 

Information Systems Staff

Director I
Information Systems
(559) 685-7370
Administrative Assitant
Informational Technology
(559) 687-1460
Database & Application
(559) 685-7266
Database & Application Administrator
(559) 685-7266
Instructional Technology
Service Manager
(559) 685-7266
Instructional Technology
Support Technician
(559) 685-7266
Instructional Technology
Support Technician
(559) 685-7266
Technology Documents and Resources