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Music & Art

Music and art activate, stimulate, and use the entire brain – supporting almost everything we do in school to create a fully-rounded child. With this in mind, Tulare City School District is very pleased to provide instrumental, vocal, musicology, and art lessons to our students.

Elementary Music

The district classroom music program currently includes third through fourth-grade students. They receive weekly instruction in the elements of music, notation, music history, music technique, vocal music, and performance. The lessons shared with the students contain many songs and listening selections from various styles and cultures. Lessons on a recorder are also provided to all fifth-grade students. To develop and apply some of these skills and talents,  fifth and sixth-grade students can participate and perform in their school choir. 

Instrumental Music

Not only does our program help our students be better musicians, but students also learn about responsibility, cooperation, leadership, teamwork, and patience. We are proud to be able to offer our students instrumental music beginning in the sixth grade. Our seventh and eighth-grade students have various choices for continuing to develop their instrumental talents. Our students perform in parades, band reviews, concerts, festivals, and various school and community events. Each of our middle school websites includes band information and performance schedules.
Please join us wherever your interests lie:

  • Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Marching Band
  • Orchestra
  • Percussion
  • Color Guard


The visual and performing arts are an integral part of a comprehensive curriculum and are essential for learning in the 21st century.

Tulare City School District’s visual art program is designed to introduce students to the elements and principles of design, solve visual problems, and communicate visually. The program is sequentially developed, well-articulated, and age-appropriate which purposefully builds a full range of language, literacy, and other content area skills. Additionally, the visual art program is aligned with the Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards for California. Through a variety of art concepts and projects students are taught: line, shape, form, texture, space, color, value, balance pattern, repetition, and unity. Students gain experience with different art mediums: paint, pastels, colored pencils, and more to create both 2D and 3D art. Students are introduced to artists and learn that they are individually capable of creating unique works of art. All third and fifth-grade elementary classrooms will receive art lessons throughout the school year.

Student artwork is chosen and collected from all classes to be on display in various venues throughout the year including school art exhibits, the district office, and the superintendent’s office. Since 1989, Tulare City School District has partnered with Tulare Historical Museum to showcase excellence in visual art programs by participating in the National March is Youth Art Month Exhibit. Elementary, middle, and high school works are on display throughout the month of March in the Heritage Art Gallery honoring the participating student artist with an artists’ reception where scores of students, family, and community members are in attendance.

Visual and Performing Arts Adoption

The Tulare City Schools Curriculum Department and visual and performing arts teachers have reviewed two publishers approved by the California State Department of Education for use in TK-8 classrooms.  QuaverEd has been selected for instruction in music and The Art of Education University for teaching in the visual arts.  The Curriculum Department will present the curriculum to the Board for review at the May 9, 2023 Board meeting.  The Board will then be asked to adopt these materials at the May 23, 2023 Board meeting.  Both meetings will begin at 5:30 PM in the Tulare City School District Board Room, 600 N. Cherry Avenue, Tulare, CA.  
Samples of QuaverEd and The Art of Education University are available for public review via the links provided below.  For more information, please get in touch with Debbi Parker at 559-685-7247.


Elementary Choir/Music
Kim Ream
Pleasant, Cypress & Lincoln
Alyssa Piestick
Live Oak, Mission Valley & Kohn
Olivia Garabedian
Heritage, Los Tules & Pleasant
Kim Herrera
Alpine Vista, Cypress
Tiffany Sanchez
Maple, Mulcahy & Roosevelt
Melissa Graham
Cherry, Garden, Wilson 
Elementary Instrumental Music
Kevin Calvin
Eric Farrenkopf
Becky Hunt
Doug Hunt
Trevor Jarrett
Middle School Band 
Jason Black - Los Tules
Robyn Cromwell - Cherry Ave.
Nick Galvan - Live Oak
Chad McCoy - Alpine Vista
Machaela Thron - Mulcahy
Art Teachers
Harmony Scottt
Alpine Vista
Rosalynda Mazon
Cherry Ave
Paul Ferreira
Live Oak
Lauren Hicks
Los Tules
Anika Gomes
April Brooks - District
Amy Smith - District