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Music & Art

Dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds. Our VAPA platform celebrates the vibrant fusion of music and art, bringing you closer to the artists and musicians who shape our cultural landscape.  Join Tulare City School District on a journey of artistic discovery and let your senses be captivated. 

Mission Statement

Tulare City School District will promote artistic literacy, innovation, creativity, and excellence in the arts by providing a high quality, sequential, TK-8 arts experience for students. By implementing district policies that support and sustain the arts, the Visual and Performing Arts team (VAPA) will support the highest quality arts education in dance, music, theater, and visual arts.

The Why?

Tulare City School District - Raising Up Caring, Creative & Confident Children
  • Education in the arts provides a unique opportunity for students to develop cognitive, social, cultural, and emotional capacities. The arts provide the means for seeking and creating new perspectives, perceiving and knowing the world, and gaining understanding that is critical in shaping the strength and well-being of society. In education, students have opportunities to view the world linguistically, mathematically, scientifically, and historically; therefore, students must have the opportunity to approach the world artistically and to think like artists (Hetland et al. 2013). Thinking through the arts, Eisner notes, enhances our consciousness.  (California Arts Education Framework for Public Schools July 2020)
Visual and Performing Arts Adoption

The Tulare City Schools Curriculum Department and visual and performing arts teachers have reviewed two publishers approved by the California State Department of Education for use in TK-8 classrooms.  QuaverEd has been selected for instruction in music and The Art of Education University for teaching in the visual arts.