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Progress & Performance

Progress and Performance includes information and results from various measures, both in qualitative and quantitative terms, to measure schools’ performances and progress toward goals and to answer the question, “How well are we doing?”

Tulare City Schools utilizes several performance indicators to reflect on the goals and programs used at various sites. While some indicators remain consistent from year to year, or site to site, some indicators are removed and other new indicators are defined.

Tulare City School currently uses a wide range of different assessments to help teachers inform instruction and best address the needs of their students.

DIBELS: Administered to 1st through 3rd grade students throughout the year as a benchmark and to monitor progress in the area of reading. For more information, please visit the DIBELS website.

i-Ready: Administered to K through 8th grade students throughout the year as a benchmark and to monitor progress in the area of reading.

Tulare City Standards Test: Administered to 1st through 8th grade students three times a year and a formative assessment to determine students' current progress towards the mastery of state standards. These assessments are given to assess students' knowledge in the subject areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

CAASPP: California Assessment of Progress & Performance is given to all 3rd through 8th grade students no sooner than the 121st day of school. This assessment is administered with the use of technology and is computer-adaptive. For information on how to interpret a student's score report, please view the test score guide. For information on state, district, and school results, please visit the CAASPP website


Please contact us if you have any questions about these or any other assessments:

David Freitas
Assistant Superintendent of State/Federal Programs Systems
[email protected] 
(559) 687-1552

Susan Hamilton
Manager, Progress & Performance
[email protected]
(559) 687-7242